Red Queen Cosmetics llc.

Red Queen Cosmetics llc.

Red Queen Cosmetics llc.Red Queen Cosmetics llc.

Red Queen Cosmetics Masters Effortless Beauty

The Red Queen continues to deliver quality ingredients for healthy makeup.

5-in-1 Mineral Powder

Light reflective Mineral Powder minimizes the appearance of fine lines without adding shine while providing weightless supreme coverage and provides a chemical free natural sun protection. Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties are ideal for problematic skin. Effortless and easy to use, our mineral powders are a five-in-one product: concealer, foundation, bronzer, blurring powder and sun protector.

Apply Anywhere

Because our mineral products contain only skin healthy ingredients and are dye-free, the foundations, blush and eyeshadows can be used anywhere on the face.

“Multifunctional Products For Effortless Beauty“ RQ