Red Queen Cosmetics llc.

Red Queen Cosmetics llc.

Red Queen Cosmetics llc.Red Queen Cosmetics llc.

Red Queen Cosmetics Masters Effortless Beauty


“We wanted to create quality multi-use products and to empower women with the tools they need to look and feel their best.”

Red Queen Cosmetics was launched in 2019 by beauty experts, Frank Fasolo and Sanela Dila. Their combined 30 years of experience working with the biggest brands and retailers in the beauty industry led them to create a brand that women were in search of “Multifunctional Products For Effortless Beauty”. In September 2019, they were ready to expand into the market. With their successful launch in the Market@Macy’s, it was evident there was a need for the Red Queen brand. “Makeup for the modern woman on the go.” The combination of art and cutting-edge technology has resulted in a luxurious cosmetic line fit for a Queen!